Through fund raisers and the kind of generosity of friends of this organization, Hope For Tomorrow has raised funds which will enable it to function and to sponsor medically needy individuals. Candidates who may qualify for consideration for help by the Hope For Tomorrow Foundation should contact the organization through:

Hope For Tomorrow Foundation
PO Box 187
Williamsville, NY 14231
Your continuing support for this worthy cause is very much appreciated. Your generous donations, which will enable us to reach our goals, can be sent to the Hope For Tomorrow Foundation at the above address.

Hope For Tomorrow Board of Directors

Jeffrey Meilman - M.D., F.A.C.S.

Board Secretary
Cynthia Guzik

Michele Patterson Ph.D



Dr. Jeffrey Meilman
Dr. Jeffrey Meilman is a board certified plastic surgeon who has practiced for 20 years in Amherst, New York. For 10 years he has traveled the world donating his surgical services and convincing other doctors to do the same.

He has become internationally recognized and respected for his innovative and charitable surgeries. Dr. Meilman is a graduate of the University of Rochester Medical School and is active on the staff of many Buffalo hospitals. He has had exclusive surgical training at major universities including McGill University, University of Rochester, Albany Medical School, University of Illinois and State University of New York at Buffalo. He has had special training in cancer surgery at Roswell Park Memorial Institute in Buffalo, New York.

Serving as a surgeon in the United States Air Force in Korea, his experiences sensitized him to the plight of the injured and deformed.

Dr. Meilman has been invited to speak all over the world. He has received numerous awards and has been recognized by many local and international organizations for his charitable surgical work, caring for patients who cannot afford needed treatment. He has been honored by the Masons, the Pulaski Association, Veterans and religious groups. He is the recipient of the prestigious Sir James Carreras Award for Pediatric Medicine given by Variety Club International.

Dr. Meilman exemplifies all of the finest attributes of a physician and surgeon. His work has touched the lives of many children who would have had to go through life disfigured. Donating his services and God-given talents, Dr. Meilman has given many young people around the globe a brighter future. He has never been unwilling to share his expertise when called upon. Dr. Jeffrey Meilman has truly earned the respect of his colleagues and gratitude of his many national and international patients.

Hope For Tomorrow Foundation and Daemen students donate surgical help to Vietnam

The Hope For Tomorrow Foundation and student volunteers from Daemen College return from a humanitarian mission from March 4-11 to Vietnam where they donated over 30 major surgical  procedures to indigent children and young adults of the Dong Nai Province.  At the Ito Siagon Hospital orthopedic surgeries were performed by Dr. Robert Smolinski, Dr. Mark Anders, and Dr. Craig Blum, facial reconstructive surgeries were performed by Dr. Jack Kotlarz of Florida, and cleft lip and palate surgeries were performed by Dr. Jeffrey Meilman.  For 25 years the Hope For Tomorrow Foundation has been donating surgery to underprivileged children throughout the world.

Hope For Tomorrow Foundation travels to Juliaca, Peru to donate surgery (June 2017).

PO Box 187 Williamsville, NY 14231

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